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          Size: 241*161*25 mm
          NW: 560g
          Views: 3309

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          1. Two-way voice communication

          2. Soft-Touch button operation

          3. Support Maximum 2 outdoor stations with 3 indoor monitors

          4. Dual door release

          5. Adjustable Volume, brightness,color and contrast

          6. 2-wire installation

          7.Backlit call button and name holder

          Display 7" color TFT LCD Screen
          Monitoring Timer 30 seconds
          Talk Timer 120 seconds
          Ringtone Timer 30 seconds ringing, 90 seconds waiting
          Power consumption <0.5W (standby), <10W (operation)
          Temperature -10°C~50°C
          Voltage output 18VDC, 1500mA
          Dimension 241*161*25 mm
          Installation Surface mounted
          N.W 560g